How to start a website or blog

Learn to start a website or blog in a simple way

Starting a website or blog is easy, nowadays. Today, you will learn what are the items or services/products you will require to start your website or blog.

List of items required:

1. Domain Name

2. Web Server

3. Content Management system or Software script

4. 30 minutes of your time

Domain Name:

Domain name is a unique identity on the world wide web. It is contains letters, numbers, hyphens and an extension. Domain name is purchased by users to connect, it with a web server to build the website or blog.

Example:   is a domain name.

In this leopathu  is a name and .in is an extension. The domain name should be purchased from a domain registrar. The domain registrar is an authorized company or business organization that is competent or has authority to assign a domain name for a buyer.

Simply, put together, Domain Registrar is the company from where you buy your domain name and Domain Registrant or Domain holder is the person who has registered the domain for a particular period.

Whenever you buy a domain, you are leasing or getting license to use a domain name for a particular period. This is the duration for which you hold the registrant authority to use the domain for your business website or blog.

The important parameters here are:

Domain creation date: This is the date when the domain is first purchased or created. If this is the first time, you are the only person to register the domain. Then you will be the domain creator.

Domain last update: This is the date on which domain details like registrant information, technical information or administration information or name servers details are updated.

Domain expiry date: This is the date of domain expiry, usually if you registered a domain for 1 year, this is the next date of your renewal. In order to keep the domain under your authority, you must renew it. When a domain registration is renewed, it will get a new expiry date.

You can buy a domain name of your choice, as per availability from a cheap domain registration company. Namesilo is a cheap or inexpensive domain registrar that offers flat rate and transparent domain registration options.

When you are looking to buy a domain registration, make sure that you notice the renewal fees. Renewal fees are ignored by most users, as they are new to domains purchasing. When you check for fees, some domain registrar run offers and provide cheap prices, but these are applicable for a limited lease period.

Suppose, if you purchase a domain name for $3 today from saying Godaddy. The same domain name renewal will cost you $12 – $15 per year after your first term.

If you plan to build a business or blog that is sustainable and if you are a long-term planner, buy the domains from Namesilo. They are flat priced domain registrar and offers best features as standard. If you are buying a domain name, just to test out things buy from any domain name seller. It does not matter when your project is not serious.

Web Server:

Web server is a software, installed on a computer (server). Which enables the domain name you have brought in the previous step, to be liked to it. Web server offers one or more of the following features:

  • Email accounts
  • Multiple Websites to be served over the internet from the same server
  • Database systems
  • Programming scripts or languages support, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, js, python, ruby, rails,, etc.,
  • File storage and access
  • Control panel to manage your server in an easy to use interface

Web servers are leased for a specific duration, just like the way domains are leased. The companies that lease web servers to consumers or businesses over the internet are known as web hosting companies. There is a different type of web hosting companies, that cater to the needs of different kinds of users and their requirements.

Now, you got to know a new name called web hosting. Web hosting is a way to link your domain to a web server using DNS system and IP address. There are different types of web servers that run on windows operation system and Linux operating system.

Linux web servers are easy to use and operate and often meet the requirements of website scripts and programming languages. Linux based web servers have the following types

Shared Linux web hosting

Linux based virtual private server

Linux based dedicated server

Linux cloud virtual machine also called cloud web hosting.

Among the above, shared Linux web hosting plans are offered for cheap and they are sufficient for most websites and blog building and running. You can buy a web hosting plan in India from Rank My Hub. This site is hosted on their web hosting, and you can see that it loads very fast and good. They have all the necessary features you expect from a shared

This site is hosted on their web hosting, and you can see that it loads very fast and good. They have all the necessary features you expect from a shared web hosting provider.

Some of the features, I like at rank my hub company are as following

  • Monthly billing. I have done a lot of research and Rank My Hub is only the web hosting company that offers monthly billing without any issues.
  • Super fast shared hosting services. They have LiteSpeed web server, which is the only web server to officially support http2 out of the box. HTTP2 offers best performance, security and user experience.
  • They also have MariaDB database server which is faster than MySQL database.
  • They have multiple PHP versions and I am using php7 now, which is faster, more secure and latest version recommended by WordPress.
  • They have fast support and issue resolution, you do not need to talk with 10 people to get through the main person who will solve your problem. You will get direct email support and ticket based support. And I am happy to say that they have 100% uptime. Their SLA is 99.9% yet they exceed their guaranteed uptime and provide much better.
  • They offer 30 days trial period so that you can check their servers upfront without buying for a specific period. You will pay them, once you are happy with the services used during the trial period. I have not seen, any company offering such a good services for customers at the price point.

If you are looking for shared web hosting plans, contact Rank My Hub. I am sure, they will be happy to guide you and help you choose right hosting plan for your business website or blog.

One more thing, you need to identify is that there is a way around to just use a domain name and build your blog. It is possible with the help of blogger. Blogger is a free content management system developed by Google, it offers hosted blogging software as a service. By using blogger you can avoid web server or web hosting.

There are some disadvantages of using blogger:

  • You do not own your data. You have to rely on Google servers and terms. In case, if your content does not fit their blogger terms of service or acceptable use policy. Your blog may be removed without any mercy.
  • Blogger is very limited in functionality provided by full-fledged blogging software like a self-hosted WordPress.
  • Blogger offers a software script as a service, hence it is not useful if you want to use emails, upload some files to web server, create a database or do some advanced operations.
  • Blogger is good if you are just a writer who has words to write and images to post on the personal blog. Although people start with blogger and then shift to self-hosted WordPress blogs. Nowadays, hosting is very cheap. You can lease a web server for Rs 171.00 per month from Rank My Hub if you are from India. If you are from another country, they have same plan at $2.63 USD. This is cheapest web hosting in the entire world.

Considering the advantages of self-hosted WordPress blog or website over blogger platform, I recommend you to buy web hosting from Rank My Hub.

The next step in our website or blog creation process is to select content management systems.

There are lots of open source content management systems, that are free to use for a commercial or personal blog or website design and development. My favorites are as following (based on ease of use):

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

  • Concrete5

WordPress is known to most users, even though you may be completely new to this software, You will find countless bloggers, websites (both business and personal) using this fantastic script. WordPress installation takes less than 10 minutes on a fast web hosting provider like Rank My Hub.

Here are the links to help you install your WordPress cms on your web server:

Manual wordpress installation

WordPress is the easiest to host and learn content management system. It could be used to build websites or blogs. WordPress community of developers has several themes, plugins, and extensions. These plugins could be installed easily which will extend the functionality and look of the website.

You can find them here:   and   there are paid plugins and themes available on other marketplaces and websites.   and   there are paid plugins and themes available on other marketplaces and websites.

Joomla is another PHP and MySQL based content management system, it an open source script similar to wp. Although Joomla is very powerful and offers more features and functionality out of the box. There are fewer extensions and templates available on Joomla marketplace.

You can install Joomla on any Linux web server that meets the Joomla system requirements. Here is a video made by Rank My Hub support for their customers. It shows, how to install Joomla on CPanel web hosting.

Joomla can be downloaded from here:

Conceret5 is wonderful opensource content management system, that is not only powerful but also easy to learn for nonprogrammers and non-technical people. Concrete5 is a cms that is close to Wix website builder. Due to it native drag and drop interface to build webpages and content. It is easy for people who do not have basic HTML coding experience. conceret5 will be a good CMS to start experimenting and learning to code practically and slowly.

I am very impressed with this script and it is a must try, if you are looking for an alternative to WordPress, Joomla or wix. Here is a video, about how to install concrete5 cms on CPanel web hosting.

You can download it from here: The community edition is free of cost and it is opensource. There are some good themes and extensions available on its marketplace to extend it and create professional level blogs and websites.

I hope, this article is useful for you. I will be back with another article about extending your blogs or websites to make it better. Post your valuable comments below. If you find the post useful, please share it with your friends.